Aerannis is a mission-based action adventure game with heavy stealth elements set in a large, interconnected world. As Ceyda Farhi - an assassin employed to hush troublesome citizens - sneak around, take hostages, terminate targets, and obliterate massive bosses as you uncover a conspiracy that goes deeper than anyone would ever believe.

Aerannis offers up varied play styles. Some missions throw you right into battle, making you shoot everything that moves and hoping you make it out alive. Some require you to carefully creep around, distract enemies, and nimbly avoid any engagement. Others will mandate pulling off quick stealth kills, or pushing through a potential fight by taking a hostage. Occasionally you might just have to hide under a box and wait out the danger.

Aerannis is set in Plovdiv, the last city on earth - a fact unknown to most of its residents. In a revolution years prior, Plovdiv re-established itself as safe, free city whose only permitted citizens were women. As the city begins to destabilize, many put the blame on outside invaders wanting to bring down their idyllic society, but some know the true reasons why.

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Social stuff
Here's the tumblr where the game's dev process is maintained, and twitter, which is chronically underused at this point.
The soundtrack is primarily composed by effoharkay. Below's a small sampling of the game's soundtrack.